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"Aurait-on affaire à une nouvelle pépite rap ?

Pas seulement ! À mi-chemin entre le jazz, l’électro pop et le rock “cosmique”, l’instrumentation des sept titres qui composent Frame laisse savoureusement perplexe."



The threadlike American MC, Eli / Mr. E, landed in France carrying a serious voice and high speed lyrics, and drops his flow on the tempo imposed by the drums of Arthur Vonfelt, as they barrel down the highway like Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. Gonzo to Vegas. Quentin Rochas, hops on-board with his atomic keyboards like some crazed hitch-hicker from Planet Rock and the processed notes magically produced by Octave Moritz’s supersonic trumpet are the supernatural bats screeching across the road somewhere around Barstow.


The cosmic-hop of FREEZ is infinitely expansive, somewhere between Sun Ra, The Last Poets and Antipop Consortium. Freeform and feverish, FREEZ produces unheard sounds with the rolling mechanics of a red convertible blasting psychedelic, polyrhythmic musique savante.


Frame, the quartet’s new, seven track EP (to be released Nov. 2nd), which is darker than usual, mixes electronic effects, acoustic instruments, stream of consciousness writing, allegorical spoken word, bionic samples and anti-dogmatic jazz. The group's interstellar hip-hop has seduced some quality disciples to disperse the gospel : the American prophet of the Afterfuture, Mike Ladd, who adds his surrealistic wordscapes to the second verse of Flamin'Goes, or the bird-like vocals of Emily Loizeau, for another top of the line collaboration on Look Around. The EP also features the NYC underground rapper IllSpokinn on the first single Same.